Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Only two people like Fungi and Mold?

Or do I really only have two fans?


What is the truth?  I mean what could be sexier than fungus and mold?  You'd think people would be busting me in the chops for more.  Guess it is a good thing this hasn't caught on.  My job leaves me brain dead by the end of the day.  Not much left---Certainly nothing normal. 

How many people can claim they've sang 'Danke Schoen' over a retailer's   intercom system?   That is just a hint of the insanity lurking close to the surface of my mind.

Good fun too. 

I'll try to improve the content of this blog.  You never know what may happen if I start to use this place to blow off steam.



  1. Looking forward to checking this stuff out as you post it, Stephen. I plan on doing some excerpts from my book once the editing is done over at my blog, so I think it's a good idea to present pieces of your novel to them to build interest. It will give you a better chance of having an audience that anticipates its release when it comes out, or if it's already out, gives them a reason to go check it out.