Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Watched a friend's son graduate high school tonight.

Pretty large graduating class.  Far more female honor students than male.  Are women smarter (or just more focussed) than men?  Is it that maturity thing?
Sure was a lot of young people about to embark into this insane world we live in.
Wonder how many of them even have a clue what they'd like to do with their future?  Are they cattle matching down the chute to the abbattoir or newly-minted adults about to make calculated, rational decisions?
By my twentieth re-union I think eight of my classmates were dead.  This particular class, 2010, had already lost two of theirs.
Here's to my friend's son, a fine young man named Keenan.  May you live and love well and make the most of life.  Dreams are within reach.  It is just a question of how bad you want it.
Another friend's son graduates tomorrow.  Stefan, I wish the same for you!
Time for this old man to hit the sack.

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