Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Love Story At World's End...

The dead were really beginning to stink.

Standing on the old Skyway Bridge with three near-strangers put things in perspective:  Adam Mills had too much time to think.  Too much time for regret.  Funny how you can live life in a trance.  Living but not living.  Loving but not being loved.  The days of your life pass in an eye blink.  Can't get them back. 

When he woke up, nearly forty years of his life were gone.  If his head had been on right they should have been wonderful, happy years.

But what did he know of love?

Very little when it came to romance.  He'd never been lonely, at least, not consciously so.  Never was a shortage of interested women. 

(just a little teaser from a current work in progress) 

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